The BOX12 experience is like no other, combining the latest technology with optimised training programs you’ll feel inspired to achieve.Each day the pre-set workout will be different, this keeps you engaged and will always challenge you. Our state of the art technology will provide real time feedback to optimise the intensity of the workout ensuring the intensity is specific to you,you’ll feel part of the team while pursuing your own personal journey. We create the structure to optimise your workout all you need to do is turn up with a positive and focused attitude, allow our knowledgeable staff to sharpen your skills and finish every workout feeling empowered and confident.On a personal journey, want to feel part of a team or both? BOX12 is built to allow you to express yourself. Train with purpose, train with focus, train with a smile! BOX12 is a fitness boxing experience that provides all the benefits of boxing without getting punched in the face–get fit not hit! Our welcoming training environment will invite you to learn the basics of fitness boxing combined with functional exercises to maximise your workout. At BOX12 we provide flexible joining options and don’t ask you to commit to lengthy contracts, we do however ask that you commit to trying your best on every visit.Our no cash and paperless processes provide a frictionless experience that help support the environment and keep it simple for you to access all the services available.

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We have an external car park to the rear of Tesco Express (Higherlands). This can be accessed via Seabridge Road.

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